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Tekarera Tour photos

Paul's tour of the island is amazing! His breadth of knowledge is astounding. He knows the legends from oral histories, and the facts from scientific study. Paul's lifelong personal history with Rapa Nui allows him to relate the rich history of the island in an engaging and exciting way. Jesiah Bell and Moai

    Paul gave us a unique personalized tour off the beaten path. The level of Paul's in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm took us way beyond the typical bus tour. He took us to the places we were interested in most, and taught us things we could not have known from book study. We learned the fascinating ancient and modern history of Easter Island, and got a glimpse into the island's future.


    Paul truly has a passion for sharing the wonder of this amazing and unique place. I recommend Paul's tour for anyone who wants to experience the splendor of Rapa Nui in an unforgettable way. Jesiah Bell,

Seattle, USA Perri Family and Te Pito Te Henua

Tekarera Tour group from Ship

January 2017 - Important Notice, the Chilean  Park Entrance Fee was raised to $20.000 CLP for Chileans and $80.00 USD dollars, $54,000 Chilean Pesos for everyone else.>

Rano Kao Volcano Crater Lake

Paul Pownall and Norm on Rano Kao