Tekarera Tours on Easter Island


If you have come to this page to find guided tours on Easter Island you have come the the right place. Take a little time to explore our pages and you will find that we can provide complete personalized solutions for your time on Rapa Nui.

We at Tekarera have been providing specialized tours, accommodations, and vehicles here on Easter Island since 1998.
The owner Paul H. Pownall has been involved in the archeology and Rapa Nui culture since 1962. (That year is not an error, he started getting to know the island when he was 10. More about that once you are here.) We tailor each tour to the knowledge and interests of our guests to provide an unforgettable experience for all ages.

  Your One Stop Solution:

One of the reasons to come to Easter Island is to get to know personally the sights, sounds, and history of this now famous and almost lost civilization.
The Rapa Nui people left enormous iconic landmarks, subtle hints to a special way of life. Behind and through the Easter Islanders is a special way of looking at the world we live in today. After taking the time and effort to actually make it tour our green island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it is important to learn more than you can scrape together from books and videos by taking a tour with someone with years of experience on Rapa Nui before exploring on your own.
Maoi at Rano Raraku Easter Island

Although we have a number of sites that we always visit so you get to know the important stories and aspects of Easter Island, our tours are not fixed with a set order and amount of time at each site. We will take a moment to find out what you already know, want to know before starting. Of course we have a recommended set thins to see. We will give you insights into each site, various theories and and encourage you to ponder the reasons for one point of view or another. After knowing a little more, we hope you come to your own conclusions and we love your questions.

Even through there are 30 good sites to visit many of our guests have asked for a more defined list of sites for various tours.
  • Half Day Tour A - 1:
    • Tahai Archeological Complex the reconstructed Site with its Moai with and with out eyes, Pukao, Ramps, Hare Pianga (boat house) and much more give you a chance to ground yourself in the culture of Rapa Nui. - Rano Kao, with and overlook to understand the geology and location, botany of Isla De Pascua,- You will see its enormous and beautiful Crater and Orongo Village where the famous Bird Man Contest was held
  • Half Day Tour A - 2:
    • Vai Hu This unrestored site shows the effects of warfare, the future of our Moai if we can't protect them, the renovation the Rapa Nui themselves took on - Rano Raraku, The famous quarry where almost 300 Moai are in the process of being carved and finished - A family cave where less than 50 years ago Rapa Nui lived and still spend their time enjoying life as "it used to be"  -Tongariki the iconic 15 Moai Ahu destroyed in 1960 and partially restored in the 90s.
  • Full Day A ( A.1 + A.2) Stopping for a lunch break in Hanga Roa
  • Half Day Tour B - 1;
    • Te Pito Kura - Papa Vaka - Ana Kena Ahu Nao Nao with its 7 Moai are the best preserved as they were buried in the white sands for centries - Ahu Ature the first ahu restored in 1956. Time for beach
  • Half Day Tour B - 2:
    • Ahu Akivi Ana Tepahu Puna Pao Ahu Vinapu
  • Full Day B B-1 + B-2 Stopping for a lunch break in Hanga Roa
  • Rates:
    • Semi Private/Small Group 2 - 9 people
      • Full-Day USD 110.00/Person
      • Half-Day USD 70.00/Person
    • Private Tour
    • Full Day: USD 150.00/ Person
    • Half Day: USD 95.00/Person
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