Tekarera Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to many of the questions that we get and some things we think you should know. We hope they will help you enjoy and make the most of your time with us here on Easter Island. If you have some other questions feel free to ask them through our Request/Contact Tekarera form. You can either give us your email address or a phone number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Remember you are looking to visit one of the most remote places in the world, internet and phone connectivity are not 100% but we will get back to you. If you are calling our USA number, it is a phone forwarding system to our cell phone here on Easter Island. So, let it ring or if you get voice mail, leave a voice message and it will emailed to us.

How do/How long ... ?

How do I make a reservation?
How do I get to Easter Island?
How do we get to Hotel Tekarera once we arrive?
How Long should we stay on Easter Island - Rapa Nui?
How much does a Park Pass Cost
How Much is a Chilean Peso Worth?

When is ... ?

When is checkout time?
When is Tapati Rapa Nui 2015?
When Was Tapati Rapa Nui 2014?
What is/What Type ... ?

What type of money can I use on Isla De Pascua - Easter Island?
What is the weather like on Easter Island?
What type of electrical power does the Rapa Nui have?

Where is ... ?

Where is Easter Island?
Where do I buy Park Passes

Do you Have/Is There...

Is there Internet Wi-Fi at Tekarera Inn or Kainga Nui?
Do you have a Baby Crib?
Is the water drinkable on Easter Island?

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How Much is a Chilean Peso Worth?

Click here to use our Currency Converter The Currency Converter gives you the current world exchange rate. Exchange rates here on Easter Island are always less than the rates shown here. The bank fixes their rate for the day before it opens and exchanges money from 8 AM until 1 PM weekdays. The gas station gives a better exchange rate than the bank but reduces it's rate 10 pesos in the afternoon and on weekends. You can get cash advances at the bank with your Visa/Master Card, American Express, and Diners Club. They charge a small handling fee in addition to applying their own exchange rate. Another good option is to use your ATM or credit card to take up to 200,000 Chilean pesos per card per day from the ATM machines. Here you get international exchange rates as defined by your bank.. Visa or cards with the Plus symbol on the bank can only be used at the Santander bank and they currently charge $4,000 Pesos per use or about $8.00 USD. Some credit card providers refund this fee and of course others add their own international access charges.  Master Card or cards with the Cirrus symbol on the back can be used at Banco Del Estado.

The 2 ATM's here on the island sometimes run out of money, or there is no internet connection, or the power is out or they get jammed.  At night and on weekends you have to wait until the bank opens again the next business day.

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How do I make a reservation?

Simply fill out the information on the request information page or e-mail us at info@tekarera.com letting us know which dates you would like to visit, how many people are in your group and if you want to rent a car, or take tours. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Also let us know if you have any special activities you would like to do when you are here.

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How do I get to Easter Island?

Although there are a number of tour ships and charter flights that come to Easter Island, LAN Chile is the primary way everyone gets to Rapa Nui. There are one or two flights a day from Santiago Chile (airport code SCL) six days a week during summer ( Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar), and at least one flight a day 6 days a week during the winter. At this point there is now only one flight a week to and from Tahiti. The twice a week flight to and from Lima Peru LIM is no longer flying but it never hurts to see if they have started the flights again.

You only need your passport to visit Chile as a tourist. if you are from ths USA, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Canada, or South Africa, as well as most EU countries. Upon entry, you will receive a tourist card which is valid for 90 days and has to be presented when leaving the country. If you do loose it, get a replacement in plenty of time before your departure (Policía Internacional in Santiago, Eleuterio Ramírez 852, or at a police station in one of the regions.) Those trying to leave without the card will most likely miss their flight or be kept waiting at the border for a long time. Citizens of most African, Asian and formerly Soviet States will need a tourist visa that can be applied for at any Chilean Consulate. If you are from Australia, or Mexico have to pay a reciprocity fee when traveling through Santiago airport that corresponds to the amount Chileans pay when they apply to= travel to the respective country: The current prices are:
Australians USD 117.00
Mexicans USD 23.00

If you plan to work, or travel on a diplomatic visa you should have a visa before you arrive in Chile. If You can obtain the fees by calling Chile +56 2 2690 1063. Click here Santiago Airport Info and click on taxes, then on + I am foreign passenger....

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How do we get to Tekarera Inn or the House/Cabin once we arrive?

We will meet you at the airport when you arrive and take you to the hotel. One of us will be holding a sign with your name just outside the baggage claim doors, or just outside the area where the ship's tenders land. Once at the property, we will take a little time to introduce you to your home away from home and answer any questions you might have about getting around the island. Depending on the time of day when you arrive we will give you a brief orientation tour of the town, Hanga Roa, restaurants and other services as well as show you the archeological sites near the house and museum. If you have rented one of our cars, we will check it out and review the main roads and sites around the island.

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How Much Does the Park Pass Cost?
Where do I buy a Park Pass?

You will need to present a Rapa Nui Park Pass to get into two important sites while touring Easter Island. Both Orongo (The Bird Man Village) and Rano Raraku (The Quarry where the Moai were carved) require you to sign in and present a valid Pass. As June 2014, you may need to show you have a pass to get into Ahu Tongariki. One pass gets you into both special sites and allows you to visit the rest of the island as many times as you like. These passes currently cost $60.00 USD or $30,000 Chilean Pesos CLP (cash only). You can buy them just before you enter the terminal building as you get off the airplane, or at the dock area where your tenders unload, or at the CONAF offices during business hours. They no longer sell passes at the park entrances and will send you back to town to buy them if you don't have one.

The park pass is valid for 5 days from the day you first use it. It is valid for one entrance into Orongo, and the same ticket is valid for an additional single entrance into Rano Raraku. You can present it as any times as you like to enter into Ahu Tongariki and all the other sites on Rapa Nui. If by chance you entered one of the two areas and had to leave for bad weather or some other emergency, talk to the personnel at the entrance and see if they will let you come back in the next day or two. Many times they will be understanding and note that you can come back an additional time.
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How Long should I stay on Easter Island?

The minimum number of days you will need to see the major sites is 3 nights. Although with some of the special fairs the airlines have been giving we have had people stay for two nights and get a good feel for the island with the idea they will come back.  Four nights gives you a chance to take a tour, get out and explore on your own or take another full/half day tour, or take a day to relax at the beach or simply realize you are on vacation.  Also, with four nights you will have a chance to take in a dance show which gives you another vision into the culture.  For those with time and who want to get to know the people as well as the archaeology or simply relax and absorb a different world many people spend 6 to 10 nights.

We can help arrange special tours and events like camping, horse back riding, or diving tours. Don't be deceived by the size of the dot representing Easter Island on your globe, there are many things and people to get to know, absorb, and become a part of. Most of those who stay less than a week wish they could have stayed more time on the island, or plan to come back to partake of Rapa Nui's unique and varied wonders.

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How Long does it take to get to Easter Island?

If you fly from Santiago it should take about 4.5 to 5.5 hours depending on the winds. If you are flying from Tahiti it will take 5.5 to 6 hours. If you come by ship it can take from 4 to 6 days to get here. Because ships have to bring their passengers to Easter Island on tenders getting to visit the island from a ship depends on the waves on the day you arrive, if they are too big your ship will leave without letting its passengers land.

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When is checkout time?

Checkout time varies depending on the flight schedule but it is normally 12:00 Noon. Because the Easter Island is one of the only places where the same flight that takes you back home brings the next guests, we will check you out as soon as you can check in for the flight so we can get the house ready for the next guests. Once you have checked in for the flight, we will take you back to town so you can enjoy a few more hours. We will pick you up later and take you back to airport in time to catch your flight.

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When was Tapati Rapa Nui 2015?

Tapati Rapa Nui 2014 January 30th - February 14th

When is Tapati Rapa Nui 2016?

The date for Tapati 2015 is officially from Friday January 30 through Saturday February 14th 2015.  ( Tekarera still has availability during Tapati Rapa Nui, January 28 - February 1, February 10 - February 18)

        We finally have the Official Schedule for Tapati Rapa Nui 2015

Tapati January 30 Friday:
    Location Hanga Vare Vare 20:30 Hrs.
        Inauguration of Hare Mauku (Food, Beverage, Art Stands in from of main stadium)

    Location Hanga Vare Vare 21:45 Hrs.
        Opening ceremony of the 2015 Tapa Rapa Nui
        Speech by the Mayor
        Aito and Uka 2014, Speech
        Aito performance and Speech
        Artistic performance

Tapati January 31 Saturday:
        Location Rano Raraku 14:00 Hrs.
          Triathlon Adult, teens, and Aito

This is a very popular event that everyone sees so try to get there early as the roads to the site (on the far side of the island) get blocked up by 13:00 / 13:15.  There is no entrance fee to the quarry where all the Moai were carved today.

   Location Hanga Vare Vare - 21:45 Hrs.
            Aito Takona
            Aito Kai Kai
            Singing Contest

Tapati February 1, Sunday:
     Location Hanga Vare Bare 9:00 Hrs.
        Tapati Rapa Nui official Mass

Location Hanga Piko/Ahu Riata 10:30 Hrs.
        Carving Wood Moai
        Carving Paoa
        Male contestants Tingi Tingi Mahute (pounding out mahute (bark cloth)
        Aito Tingi Tingi mahute
        Male contestants painting mahute

Location Hanga Piko - 15:00 Hrs.
        Men and women swimming contest
        Teens swimming contest
        Aito swimming contest

Location Hanga Vare Vare 21:45 Hrs.
        Aito Dancing contest
        Rapa Nui Tango
        Aito Tango
        Artistic performance

Tapati February 2, Monday:
Location Hanga Vare Vare 10:00 Hrs.
Rongo Rongo carving (Rapa Nui script)
        Mangai carving (fish hook)
        Aito Mangi carving
        Men craft shell necklaces
    Location Vare Vare 21:45 Hrs.

      First stage Aito songs
        Contestant's new songs competition
        Harmonica competition
        First stage of Adult groups

Tapati February 3, Tuesday;

    Location Centro Cultural Tongariki - 10:00 Hrs.
      'Ao Carving
        Garment designing contest
        Garment designing contest Aito

    Location Municipality - 15:00 Hrs.
        Points counting

    Location Hanga Vare Vare 21:45 Hrs.
        Couples dance contest
        Rapa Nui Tango teens
        Kai Kai adults
        Teens dance groups first stage

Tapati February 4, Wednesday:

    Location Vaihu - 10:00 Hrs.
        Horse racing

    Location Municipality - 15:00 Hrs.
        Points counting

    Hanga Vare Vare - 21:45 Hrs.
        2nd stage Aito songs
        Artistic performance Scholl of music ONG TOKI

Tapati February 5, Thursday:
    Location Feria agricola - 11:00 Hrs.
       Farm produce contest weighing

    Location Hanga Rio Rio - 15:00 hrs.
        Traditional surfing competition with boards

    Location Hanga Piko / Ahu Riata - 21:45 Hrs.
        Group Singing competition

Tapati February 6, Friday:
    Location Hanga Roa o Tai - 15:00 Hrs.
        Regatta Adults and Teens

    Location Hanga Vare Vare - 21:45 Hrs.
        Ute Copetition
        Adults Takona
        Artistic performance

Tapati February 7, Saturday:
    Location Hanga Vare Vare 8:00 Hrs.
        Culinary competition

    Location Hanga Vare Vare  21:45 Hrs.
        Accordion Playing contest
        teens groups 2nd stag

Tapati February 8, Sunday:
    Location from Ava o Kiri (Te pekapeka) to Anakena 10:00 Hrs.
    Rapa Nui race with banana bunches
    Location Anakena - 10:00 Hrs.
        Local Championships selective fishing

    Location Anakena - 13:30 Hrs.
        Curanton community feast cooked in ground

    Location Anakena 16:40 Hrs.
        Javelin throwing

Tapati February 9, Monday:
    Location Hanga Vare Vare - 21:45 Hrs.
        Artistic performance

Tapati February 10, Tuesday:
    Location Hanga Roa o Tai - 12:00 Hrs.
        Underwater fishing
        Aito underwater fishing
        Underwater fishing with hooks
        Ladies seashore fishing
        Eel fishing Children

    Location Hanga Vare Vare - 21:45 Hrs.
        Adult groups 2nd stage

Tapati February 11, Wednesday:
    Location Centro Cultural Tongariki - 10:00 Hrs
        Opening Exhibition Part Tapati Rapa Nui Posters

    Location Municipality - 12:00 Hrs
        Points Counting

Tapati February 12, Thursday:
    Location Atamu Tekena - Hotu matu'a - 17:00 Hrs.
        Parade Starts

    Location Hanga Vare Vare 21:45 Hrs.
        Parade and floats arrival

    Location Hanga Vare Vare 22:00 Hrs.
        Artistic performance

Tapati February 13, Friday:
    Location Municipality - 10:00 Hrs.
        Points Counting

Tapati February 14, Saturday:
    Location Hanga Vare Vare  - 21:45 Hrs.
        Closing Night
        Authorities speeches
        Coronation of coupe 'Aito
        Closing ceremony of the Tapati Rapa Nui 201

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What is the Weather like on Easter Island?

The Easter Island weather is classified as semi tropical which means it doesn't snow, and we you don't have to endure oppressive heat. "Its Great most of the time." Being in the middle of the Pacific and in the return flow of the Humboldt current we can have hot sunny weather or cool windy days and nights. Summer high temps usually no greater than 85F, 29C, winter lows around 59F or 15C. 2014 we have seen lows of 10C or 50F and one day 38C or 100F, global warming has its affects way out here.   The evenings can be quite cool so bring a jacket or sweater, light rain gear if you are planning to do a lot of hiking. As everywhere in the world its getting easier to get a sun burn, so bring good sun block or a hat with a chin strap as the wind does blow sometimes.

Rain fall is 44" , 1.2m/year but with global warming we have been cycling between droughts and super green years. In the winter (mid May - September) it can be rainy for a day or two but usually there are breaks in the weather that allow you to get out and see the sites. Most rainy days are limited to one side of the island or the other.

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What type of electrical power does the island have?

Power on the Easter Island is 220 Volts. We have adaptors for the two types of 220 plugs that your converter may come with. We also provide a converter to 110 for charging batteries, and other small 110 devices.

The room comes with a hairdryer so you don't have to bring one.

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What type of Money can I use on Easter Island?

Since Rapa Nui/Easter Island/Isla De Pascua belongs to Chile they use Chilean Pesos as the primary currency. However, you can almost always use United States Dollars to buy things on the island. If you are flying though Santiago it is best to exchange money at the Santiago airport as the exchange rate there is almost always better. Once on Rapa Nui you can exchange U.S. Dollars or Euros at the Bank, and the gas station. Other shops give exchange U.S. but at a discounted rate.

You can use your Master Card, Visa, and American Express in some places but not all.  Your Discover card does not work in Chile yet. Diners Club works at a few places.

You can get cash advance on your Cards in the amount $200,000 Chilean Pesos per card per day at the bank. The two banks are open from 8 AM until 1 PM week days. There is also a money exchange office on the main street of town which is open longer than the hours of the bank.

You can use your credit card or Bank Card at Banco Estado ATN if has the CIRRUS symbol on the back. If the card has a PLUS symbol on the back you will have to use Banco Santander and pay $4,000 CLP per use.

As those who have traveled have found out, of late your money must be near pristine. No marks of any kind, no tears of any kind, and if it looks like it has been loved too long no one will accept it here.

See our Currency Conversion Page for current exchange rates.

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Location of Easter Island/Rapa Nui
Where is Easter Island?

Easter Island is one of the world's most isolated inhabited islands. It is located 3,600km (2,237mi) west of continental Chile, at 27 degrees south of the equator, longitude -109. That's about 4.5 to 5 hours from Chile and 5 to 6 hours from Tahiti on Lan airlines the only commercial airline serving the island.

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Do you have a Baby Crib?

We have a baby crib available and will be happy to set it up for you if you let us know ahead of time. Strollers work in part of town but you will find it hard to use them when get out and about the island.

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Is the Water Drinkable on Easter Island?

The city water here is very clean and drinkable. Although you don't need it we have bottled water available and as elsewhere in the world they have several brands of both regular and sparkling water (con gas) available in stores.

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