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Car Rentals at Tekarera

Reasons to Rent a Car on Rapa Nui

Renting a car is one of the most enjoyable and independent ways of seeing the whole island. Renting a car or truck allows you to visit the sites, the beaches you enjoy most at the best hours of the day for photos and vista.  Although the Rapa Nui appears to be a speck in the South Pacific it will take you hours to get to the beach on foot, horse, or bike.  After getting to know your way around with a Tekarera Tour you will want your freedom to explore on your own.

Jeeps Jeep four door 4x4
4 Door Manual 5 People USD 120.00/Day
2 Door 4 People USD  80.00/Day
Six Passenger Truck 4x4 4x4 Truck
2 Door Automatic 6 People USD 110.00/Day  
14 Passenger Van 15 Passenger Van and Tekarera Renals
4 Door Manual 14 Passenger USD 180.00 USD/Day

Discounts available for Extended Number of Days and Tour and Accommodation Packages.